Family photoHi there and welcome!

My name’s Olivia and I’m so happy you’re here. Don’t worry, I’ll keep this short! My family and I live in Northwest Georgia and are currently living in what we consider our ‘starter home’. I’m a Realtor by profession and am slightly obsessed with all things home.  Here at The Heater Homestead, I hope to inspire you to make the most of the home that you have and the season you’re in. I truly believe that everyone should take the time to show their home some love and be intentional about the way your home looks and feels. This is the place for you to find the tools and inspo you need to do just that. If you’d like to read a little more about us and why I created this blog, check out this post here. See you around!

A Little About Us

We are a family of 3 + 4 fur babies. My husband, Jordan, and I + our daughter Evelyn (Ev). 

A quick run down of the animals you’ll be seeing around here occasionally: Mila is our gray husky, Ruger is our red husky (and dad to Mila), Kingsley’s our black lab, and then there’s Winston, our precious white kitty who thinks he’s one of the pups. 

Our Home

Our little 1000 square foot work in progress that we call home. Everything that we work on around our home is done by either myself or my husband. The plan is to use this house as a rental property once we move on, so everything we do is very budget friendly!