5 Things Your Husband Actually Wants for Valentines Day

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Alright ladies, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! While I don’t typically hold too much stock in the holiday myself, I do like to acknowledge it. It’s a nice opportunity to spoil my favorite person just a little extra. I don’t intend to do anything crazy, maybe just baking his favorite brownies or getting tickets for us to go see the new movie he’s been wanting to check out. It doesn’t have to be anything major.

Now let me just mention here that I don’t consider myself to be the most amazing gift giver or anything. I struggle to find things I think others will love because I always get distracted by all the things I want instead… (You too? It’s so hard!) But there have been a few “winners” over the years that my guy truly loves and uses all the time so I thought I’d share those with y’all! All items 100% husband approved.

Fun Fact: this will actually be our first Valentine’s Day spent together…and we’re in our second year of marriage. Crazy right?! He’s been away with the military for some reason or another EVERY SINGLE YEAR that we’ve been together. (no hard feelings there)

Now, without further ado, check out the curated Valentine’s Gift Guide for him!

   1. The Woobie Hoodie

If your husband has a military background like mine then pretty much anything from Black Rifle Coffee Company is a safe bet. If you’re really wanting to get him the best gift ever though, it would be the Woobie Hoodie. Anyone in the military knows your Woobie (aka poncho liner) is one of your most prized possessions – think of it as the equivalent of a small child’s “lovie”, if you will. And this version is wearable? Heck yes!

Use my link here to get 20% off your purchase! I picked one of these up for my husband this year and I can’t wait for him to open it!

   2. His Favorite Whiskey

All else fails, there’s always whiskey, right? If your significant other is anything like mine he’ll be perfectly content that you picked this up for him. Pair it with his favorite sweet or salty snack and call it a night. Simple. Perfect. Done.

   3. A Multitool 

Men and their tools…this is one he’ll likely keep with him all the time. My husband pretty much always has his handy and you’d be surprised how much it gets used.


   4. G-Shock Solar Watch

I got this for Jordan 3 years ago for his birthday and he seriously never takes it off. Swimming, hiking, kayaking, shooting, you name it. I’ve purchased other watches for him before but this one is by far his favorite. It’s solar powered, waterproof, shock resistant, and has options to use alarms and timers, among other things. The watch has held up really well considering the beating that it gets on a regular basis. I asked if he’d recommend this to you guys and he said definitely!

   5. An RTIC Cooler

It may not seem like it now but warmer weather is right around the corner! We own this exact cooler and it’s been awesome to have around. If you’re still using a cheap plastic or styrofoam cooler for pool/lake days, camping trips, or even just hanging out with friends, it’s time to upgrade. Our family loves this brand even more so than Yeti! They are the same (if not better) quality for a fraction of the price. 

Your man’s gonna love this and you’ll be surprised how often you’ll find yourself needing it!


Spoiler alert: Girl, YOU are what he wants! Girl, I promise you he will likely only have one thing on his mind this Valentine’s day and doesn’t expect a gift. Seriously! You don’t have to spend money to make him happy. I’d bet any amount of money your man would be happy with just spending some quality time with you this Valentine’s Day. (And if not, your man might be a jackass. Just saying.) Show him a little extra attention. Maybe try something new…a sexy card game or nice set of lingerie to spice things up a little. Get creative and try to surprise him! You’ll both be happy you did. 😉

There you go ladies, a simple list of the things he really wants and needs this Valentines Day! I hope you’ve found this helpful for the special guy in your life. If you need more ideas you can always pop over to my other gift guide here. Or if you might be looking for a little Galentine’s Day gift check this one out here

Thanks so much for visiting and happy Love Day!


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