Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Congratulations on the new place!

I know how hard you’ve worked to get here so kudos to you. Now that the hard part (moving) is over, where to begin!? Getting to move into a new place is always a bit of a rush. From the time you start looking until you finally get those keys in your hand, it can be a stressful whirlwind with boxes all over the place and no sense of where to even start once you get there. Trust me, I get it. 

If you find yourself sitting in your new bare bones living room and wondering “okay, now what?” then don’t worry, I’m here to help. This is a new chapter of your life that’s just getting started and that’s a big deal! So lets get you started on the right foot with these 5 tips for making your new place feel like home. You’ve now got a brand new (to you anyway) blank canvas to work with so lets jump in and make it feel like yours.

1. Bring in the Plants

A quick way to add a little life into your new home is with plants! If you’re new to the plant mom life, you can check out my post here for some easy care house plants to get started with. If you’re moving into your new space with plants in tow, have a little fun finding the perfect spot for them throughout your new home. Your giant Fiddle Leaf Fig might have thrived in the living room at your last place but now the best light is in the bedroom or dining room. Be open to those changes. Since plants also act as living decor pieces, I promise, you’ll feel more at home right away once you’ve brought a little greenery in. 

2. Add a Rug (or Two. Maybe Three.)

In  my opinion one of the best ways to make a home feel cozy and add a little of your own sense of style is to add an area or accent rug to the space. Place a large area rug in the living room or your bedroom and use accent rugs in the smaller spaces such as your kitchen or bathrooms. It’s amazing how much a nice rug can do for a room!

If you don’t already have a rug you love and need some inspiration, you can check out my “Shop My Home” tab to see the ones I own and love. Most of them came from RugsUSA and I will say I highly recommend their site! They have a ridiculous amount of beautiful rugs to choose from so I know you’ll find the perfect one. 

(Tip: wait to buy if they aren’t currently running a sale and sign up for their email list so you’re in the know when they do have sales. I’ve purchased ALL of my rugs for 70% off or more. You won’t have to wait long, they have sales all the time. A little patience can save you a lot of money here!)

If an area rug isnt in the budget right now at least grab a welcoming door mat to invite friends in and welcome you home every day. A quick Target run should do the trick (like you need another reason to go stroll the aisles of Target…you’re welcome). They always have great looking ones and they’re super affordable at under $13. #score

3. Do a Deep Clean

Just hear me out on this one. This is actually the first step I always take when moving into a new home. I’m one of those people who, even if the space looks clean, I do not trust it unless I know it was cleaned/sanitized/disinfected to my own standards. My new space always feels more like it’s mine once I’ve thoroughly cleaned every nook and cranny. I understand that there are a million things that need to be taken care of when you’re moving house but if you do nothing else on this list then make sure cleaning is your top priority. If you simply don’t have time to clean the entire place from top to bottom, just start with the rooms you know you’ll be using right away (kitchen, bathroom, bedroom). Another option would also be to hire a cleaning service (if the budget allows) to come in and do a one time deep clean before you arrive with your things. Most cleaning services offer a move in special so be sure to ask! 

4. Hang Something on the Walls

Or don’t, if you’re more into the minimal white walls vibe. I’m leaving this one pretty broad because I believe everyone will feel differently about what to display first. Do you have a favorite family photo or landscape painting? Does your grandma’s framed, handwritten pumpkin pie recipe make your kitchen complete, despite the boxes still sitting on the counter? Maybe shelves are more your thing so you can prop up your favorite books or decor and change things around easily.  Does your new space need curtains to add coziness or privacy? Whatever you think would have the most impact on the space, that’s what I want you to find a place for. 

5. Set up at least one room as completely as possible

For this one you may want to start with the smallest room or the one you’ll be spending the most time in. In the bathroom, hang up your cute shower curtain, throw a rug down, put your toiletries away, and make sure that bathtub is clean and ready for you to soak in later. Or maybe start in your bedroom so you can wake up to your fresh clean space and be in the right mind space to tackle whats waiting outside that bedroom door the next day. Having just one room in your home where you can walk into without having to get to work on something can really make all the difference!

Bonus Tip: Invite Friends or Family Over

I know this is usually not at the top of the list when you’re knee deep in boxes and everything seems to be everywhere and you have no idea where you put your bag of bathroom essentials. All this being said, one of the best ways to feel more at home in your new space is to start making memories there. Have an unpacking party if you wish. Order a pizza (because you have no idea where you put the can opener even if you wanted to cook something for dinner) grab a bottle of wine and start settling into your new life here, in your new place, surrounded by people you love. In the words of Julia Marcum from Chris Loves Julia, DON’T WAIT!

Don’t wait until things are perfect to start living your life in your new home. Embrace the mess. Embrace the current stage of life you’re in and make some memories. Your friends wont mind the mess one bit and they can share in your excitement for this new chapter. Invite them over and have some fun!

So there you have it, friends. I hope you’ve found these tips to be useful and are inspired to get started making your new home your favorite place to be. If you’re looking for fresh new ideas on how to decorate the new place, be sure to follow me on Pinterest for daily inspo. 

Happy decorating!

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