A Weekend in Lake Tahoe

A Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Y’all, Lake Tahoe is my happy new place. Let me just preface this post by letting you know that the pictures I was able to capture while visiting Lake Tahoe did it no justice at all. Seriously, no matter how hard I tried to capture the beauty of this place I did not succeed! It truly is a magical spot to visit and I would highly recommend adding it to your bucket list if you haven’t already been. Keep reading to find out how we spent our long weekend in Lake Tahoe this Fall and what I’d recommend adding to your itinerary. 

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It’s been exactly 2 months now since we returned from our anniversary weekend in Lake Tahoe and I’m still thinking about how beautiful it was. I was nervous about going in the Fall at first, but now I’m so glad we did! What better place to be when the weather starts to cool off than by one of the most beautiful lakes in the world with hiking trails at what seemed like every corner? The area is so rich with outdoor activities to get into and places to see that we barely even scratched the surface of what Lake Tahoe has to offer. Here are a few of the details of our trip!

Where We Stayed: The Tahoe A-frame

Y’all this place was beyond perfect. It was gorgeously decorated and had absolutely every amenity that you could possibly need. Forgot your curling iron? Toothbrush? Laundry detergent? Makeup wipes? I probably would’ve been fine only packing my makeup because this place had everything else you’d need. The decor was an added bonus and absolutely perfect for the mid-century mountain vibe.

It was roomy for the two of us as there was an additional bedroom and loft area, so if you have a group of 5 or 6 this place would be perfect. Overall, we highly recommend this AirBnb for your next trip and would stay here again! If you don’t already have an Airbnb account, sign up through this link and you’ll get $55 off your first trip! 


Jordan and I dined out for almost every meal during our stay and there wasn’t a single thing we ordered that wasn’t delicious! West Shore Market (right up the road from our AirBnB) had excellent coffee and sold locally sourced food and home decor items. Definitely check the place out if you stay on the West Shore.  Rosie’s Cafe had great American style food. We ate there on our last day before we left and the french toast I ordered was bigger than my head. No seriously! And so good! 

One thing we noticed around the lake was that there seemed to be a locally owned pizza place on almost every corner. We picked a random one on the way back to the cabin one night and of course, it was amazing. I forgot the name of the restaurant or I would share :/ so sorry! It was on the main road area in Tahoe City on the lake side… let the hunt begin! You’ll find a few of the places we ate at below. And yes, we recommend them all!

Fallen Leaf Lake

One thing we didn’t realize before venturing out to the area was that Lake Tahoe is not the only lake there with perfectly clear water and amazing views. There are a few smaller lakes surrounding Lake Tahoe that are well worth the visit if you have a few hours to spare during your trip. We spent an afternoon exploring the area around Fallen Leaf Lake, just South of Lake Tahoe, and it was just as beautiful. We hiked, met a few of the locals, and my husband even took a plunge in the freezing water before we left! (He wasn’t the only crazy one in there either!)

Camp Richardson Corral:

This was pretty much the only thing we “planned” ahead before our visit. We booked the one hour tour and honestly, wish we’d gone for the longer one. The one hour ride was okay but didn’t provide the best views of the lake. From what I understand, the longer tour takes you on a different route and I think that would’ve been the better option. Either way, it was still a nice place to ride and get a few pictures along the way. The air out in the woods here smelled amazing – of pine and cypress and “Christmas” trees. It was so refreshing! I wish I could bottle the air there and bring it home with me to Georgia! 

Our main intention for this little getaway was to just relax and spend some quality time together while we explored a new place.  We are a military family and spent the first 9 months of our marriage away from each other, so we really just wanted to enjoy each other’s company for a little while. Tahoe turned out to be the perfect place to do just that. We truly loved it and will definitely be going back in the future! 

*Note: All photos in this post were taken with my Iphone Xs or my Sony A6000 paired with the Sony 18-105mm f/4 E-mount lens. If you’re in the market for a mirror-less camera I highly recommend the Sony Alpha series! Super lightweight – perfect for travel or anyone who just doesn’t wan’t the hassle of bulky gear – with the power and results of a DSLR. My last camera was a full frame Nikon D-610 and I love the smaller Sony just as much! – This is not a sponsored post, I just love my Sony gear.
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Highlight Reel from our Weekend in Tahoe 

I hope you enjoyed the weekend recap and if there’s anything you’d like to know about our trip, feel free to leave a comment or message me!

Until next time friends, 

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