Gift Guide for the Homebody

Alright y’all, I will be the first to admit that I am 100% a homebody. Seriously, being at home truly makes my heart happy. Here’s my gift guide that I promise will make the homebody on your list feel so loved and understood! I kept it simple on purpose, so take your pick – you really can’t go wrong here. 

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1. These Amazing Candles from Lakebound Candle Co. 

Lakebound Candles

I first found out about these candles when my husband and I took a trip to Lake Tahoe this Fall. The Airbnb we stayed in had one in the bathroom and it smelled absolutely heavenly! Enough so that I came home and bought one for our house 😉 I love supporting small businesses when I can and Lakebound Candle Co truly has fantastic products to offer. Check them out!

2. These Amazing Ugg Slippers 

These are seriously the perfect gift for any homebody on your list. Or if you’re shopping for anyone who’s constantly cold even when it’s 70 degrees out… (that’s me, it’s fine). These house shoes are amazing.  

*For the cozy guys in your life try THESE!  


3. Deebot Robot Vacuum

As much as we may love to hang out around the house, cleaning can be a serious drag sometimes. Or maybe you work from home or take online classes and are short on time. Regardless, this vacuum has been so great! We got one as a gift last Christmas and it’s been a life saver to use in our home, even with an obnoxious amount of dog hair from our pups. Huskies shed year round in the South, just FYI. So far it has passed the test!


4. Plants!

Did you know you can buy plants online? I swear Amazon sells just about everything. Plants act as natural air purifiers and have been scientifically proven to lighten a person’s mood. They can also double as a beautiful piece of decor in any style room. 


5. The Perfect Throw Blanket 

No need to sell this one. Everyone could use more throw blankets (there are never too many) to add a little coziness to their space. This one has amazing reviews and is a classic pattern that won’t go out of style.



So there you have it! My simple homebody gift guide with the essentials to a cozy lifestyle. Happy shopping and have an amazing day!

Pro tip: If none of these things are what you were looking for and you’re seriously stumped, I’m a strong supporter of the classic gift card. A shopping trip to TJ Maxx, Homegoods, or Target, on you would absolutely make my day. I’m not sure how gift cards ever got a bad wrap but I love them!

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