Minimal Fall Decor – 3 Ways

Fall Decor 3 Ways

Y’all, there is just something about decorating for the changing seasons. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to breathe a little extra life into your space and make everything feel fresh and new again. In years past, I’ve been known to use a faux felt leaf garland or two but this year, I’ve decided to really simplify things a bit and pull more from nature. I’ve decided to focus more on timeless, natural, somewhat minimal Fall decor. By bringing natural elements in and decorating with a more neutral/muted palette I’ve been able to create a subtle Fall atmosphere that I really love!

Natural (Foraging or store bought)

Natural decor is obviously the least expensive route when it comes to Fall decor but it can also be the most pleasing to the eye. And bonus: it requires very minimal effort to achieve the desired effect. Go out and cut a pretty branch from a tree in the yard or from down your street. Head to a local orchard for some apple picking (or to the local grocery store, whatever works for you) and display them in the kitchen. Cut some pampas grass from your Nana’s backyard and throw it in a vase. Mums are always the perfect front door Fall staple! Look around and see how you can really incorporate some of the outdoors in your home. The result will be subtly perfect.


This is such a great option if you love a good craft project. I’ve found a great post from Good Housekeeping magazine that I’ll link to below. It’s a diverse roundup of Fall/Halloween themed DIY’s and I’m even tempted to try a couple myself. How awesome is that pumpkin turned candle?! I burn scented candles all the time so I think this would be a really fun project to try. You can check out the post here.

Target Dollar Section, FTW

And of course, if/when all else fails, there is the fan favorite – The Target Dollar Section – AKA Bullseye’s Playground . I’m sure there’s no need to enlighten you on the magical rows of the Target dollar section here so I’ll just leave it at this. Target begins putting Fall decor on display around mid August typically – as soon as they’re able to clear the racks of the back to school mania – so this post is coming a little late but still well worth taking a look at your local store. It may even be marked down to clearance now. 20 cent decorative pumpkins and gourds? Score!

Everything inside the wreath came from the Dollar Section at Target!

No matter what you decide to do for your Fall decor this year just remember to have fun with it. Do you have kids? Head outside and let them help you find pretty things in nature that you can use in your home. You could even stage it as a scavenger hunt to make it more fun! Or pick a craft that you can do together and make it a family craft night. If you decide to try any of those DIY’s definitely let me know, I would love to hear how it went!!

Happy Fall y’all!

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